Believe it or not, you or someone you know has experienced trauma.

Trauma isn’t always something people talk about. In fact, many people don’t even realize that what they’ve experienced can have a traumatic effect on them and their relationships, each and every day.


In trauma therapy, we examine the past with new eyes to help you understand what happened to you and how to move on to living a better, happier life.

Adverse Childhood Experience Therapy

Have you experience trauma in your past?

While we may not always call it trauma, nearly every child grows up experiencing some form of Adverse Childhood Experience, or ACE. These include:

What’s more, many children experience two or more of these situations, creating a complex web of social, emotional, and mental issues as they grow to adults.

Accepting the Present

Adverse Childhood Experiences can affect your relationships and behaviors for the rest of your life.

Studies show a strong link between ACEs and violence, substance abuse, mental disorders, and other issues in adulthood.

Signs that past trauma may be affecting your life today are:

Many adults are never able to get past these issues because tackling them alone can seem impossible. They do the best they can, but struggle.

Counseling offers a better alternative.

Moving toward a Brighter Future

Many people blame themselves

Despite the fact that an Adverse Childhood Experience is never the child’s fault, many people, adults and children, blame themselves. You may feel responsibility for the event itself, or for your behavior since. The first step toward letting go of the hold these traumas have is letting go of self-blame.

When you work with Ekong Counseling Center, we’ll start by assessing your past with a questionnaire designed to uncover behaviors that may be a sign that trauma is affecting your life. Based on those results, we’ll move forward with a personalized treatment plan to help you unpack the past so you can put it behind you.

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Let’s move toward a bright future together.

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