You love your partner, but something just isn’t right

Perhaps you feel isolated even when you’re together, or it seems like every conversation ends up in an argument. Maybe you suspect or know there’s been infidelity. Resolving issues with the ones we love the most is hard because we want so badly to love and feel loved. Whether we realize it or not, our past relationships and childhood experiences affect how we behave in relationships today. It’s only by understanding how that we can begin to move forward to build stronger, more loving relationships today.

Our expert relationship therapists offer practical skills for improving
communication, resolving conflicts, getting past infidelity, and more.


Communicate better

Communication relies on trust.

We need to feel safe and emotionally supported by our partners before we reveal our true selves to them. Communication also builds trust. The more and better we communicate, the more supportive and reliable we seem to our partners.

If this sounds like a “chicken or egg” problem, it is.

If you and your partner find yourselves in arguments neither of you wants to have or withholding secrets from each other, these are signs that more trust is needed, and that you’re struggling to build that trust.

Taking those first few steps toward better communication is hard, and that’s why many couples turn to counseling. We’ll help make communication easier by building skills to get you talking more openly now, and during any challenges you may experience in the future.

Conflict resolution

No relationship is perfectly harmonious all the time.

Every couple is bound to disagree on some things. The problem comes when we’re unable to resolve those conflicts in a healthy way. Debates become arguments and arguments become fights.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Partners who listen to one another’s viewpoint with an open mind, while also expressing their own views, are taking the first steps toward healthy conflict resolution. We’ll help you practice these skills and others so that differences of opinion become an opportunity to grow closer, instead of further apart.


Do you suspect infidelity in your relationship?

Cheating can break up relationships and entire families. Whether physical or emotional, affairs are a breach of sacred trust between you and your partner.

Furthermore, infidelity is often a symptom of deeper issues in a relationship. Both cheating and cheated partners may feel isolated, trapped, unheard, or unloved.

Can your relationship survive infidelity? That depends on:

Want to improve your relationship with your partner?

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