Strength is knowing when to seek help

We all run into challenges in our lives, whether it’s being at a loss of how to heal a relationship, struggling to let go of the past, or feeling overwhelmed and not knowing how to make our lives better. Many individuals and couples choose to go it alone because they don’t know how to ask for help or think not being able to solve their own problems will make them seem weak.

We all know people who have chosen to go it alone. These are the ones who are still struggling with childhood trauma as senior citizens or couples who have never stopped fighting since they’ve been married, or who aren’t married at all anymore.

Is asking for help hard? Yes.

But it’s also a declaration that you want to live life fully and become your best self. It shows wisdom, courage, and a willingness to change.

Getting help isn’t about weakness. It’s about strength

Could you solve your problems by yourself? Perhaps. But what would you have to give up to do so? Life is short and all that time spent in un-winnable arguments with your spouse, reliving a past you can’t change, or feeling lost and alone is time you could be spending healing and living your best life.

So why wait?

Dr. Lavinia Ekong

Improve Your relationships now

Life is all about relationships, whether they’re with friends, family, significant others, or ourselves. Relationships have the power to enrich our lives with love and delight, but they can also be challenging. Sometimes, our relationships seem confusing. The harder we try to hold onto them, the faster they escape our grasp.

There’s no instruction manual for relationships. Every one we have is different. We do the best we can and learn as we go, but if you’re like most people, the more you learn the more questions you have.

What if you had a roadmap that showed potential hazards, how to steer around them, and how to tackle them head-on should they prove to be unavoidable?

Wouldn’t you want that relationship roadmap?

Here’s one!

That’s exactly what the Relationship Specialists at Ekong Counseling Center can help you with. Our experienced therapists will listen to your concerns and design a game plan for reaching your relationship goals. Then, we’ll work together to build skills and tools that you can use to improve the relationships in question, as well as others in your life.

Couples Therapy

These sessions for two are designed to help you and your significant other build stronger relationship through communication and conflict resolution, as well as address specific issues such as infidelity. intensive to work out your most difficult issues.

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Trauma Therapy

Is the past holding you back? Nearly everyone experiences some form of trauma in our young, impressionable years. Learn how to get past these issues so you can focus on a bright present and future.

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women’s issues

Whether you’re experiencing depression, anxiety, or other issues, we can help you understand these emotions and work through them so you can live a happier, more relaxed life. There is hope!

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