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Relationships: Connecting with Others

Life is about relationships – between couples, parents and children, siblings, friends, colleagues, and more. Your relationship with yourself especially influences your happiness, motivation level, and outlook on life.


When you’re in conflict with yourself or the people you care most about, a joyful, successful life can seem completely out of reach.


With our help, it doesn’t have to be. Even if you feel betrayed, misunderstood, or isolated, it may be possible to repair your relationship. Make improving your relationships a priority by working with the specialists at Ekong Counseling Center.


Repair Relationships with One-on-One, Couples, Family, or Group Counseling Sessions.

Book a session with a relationship specialist to help you heal childhood trauma and improve communication, anger management, conflict resolution, and more. Or schedule a one-on-one intensive to work out your most difficult issues.

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Learn New Skills to Improve Communication, Collaboration, and Trust

Let’s work together to tackle specific issues that challenge your relationships. As a group, we’ll share our experiences, practice new strategies, and share insights together. You shouldn’t have to do this alone, and with Ekong Counseling Center, you don’t have to.

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Ask Dr. Lavinia Ekong to Speak at Your Next Event

Hosting an event or seminar, and looking for a Relationship Specialist to add to your schedule? Dr. Lavinia Ekong is an experienced speaker and can tailor her talks to your group so they get the most out of them. Find out if she’s the right speaker for your event.

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